It’s no secret that kids love candy. Unfortunately, candy isn’t exactly a healthy option for snack time. However, not every type of candy is made the same. In fact, chocolate can be a healthier option for sweets when consumed in moderation. If you’re wondering whether chocolate is good for kids, continue reading to learn more about some health benefits of chocolate and serving recommendations. 

Health Benefits of Chocolate

You may have heard about some distinctive health benefits of chocolate thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Chocolate boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can improve cardiovascular health and boost cognitive function. Of course, these benefits can be offset by certain other ingredients found in chocolate bars, so it’s important to purchase your chocolate from a high-end producer that focuses on organic, whole ingredients. 

Selecting the Right Chocolate 

For optimal health benefits, it’s best to eat dark chocolate. However, most kids will find even the highest quality dark chocolate a little bitter for their tastes. For younger kids, milk chocolate is a good choice, as it offers a little extra sweetness and a creamy texture that kids love. Kids may also love the taste of white chocolate, but it will lack the beneficial compounds of cocoa solids that are found in milk and dark chocolates. 

Serving Guidelines for Kids

Another consideration when you’re asking, “is chocolate good for kids?” is the serving size. Although chocolate is generally healthier than other sweet treats, it should still be enjoyed in moderation. One serving of chocolate is about 1.25 ounces, which is about half of one standard chocolate bar. 

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