Organic food is known for being healthy, but what exactly makes organic chocolate healthier than conventional chocolate? It might come as a surprise that organic chocolate is not only healthier for you, but it’s also better for farmers, animals, and the environment. Keep reading for more details about what sets organic chocolate apart from traditional chocolate!

Organic Chocolate is Safer for Farmers

Cocoa beans and sugar are two key ingredients of chocolate bars. Unfortunately, conventional chocolate bars are often made from cocoa beans and sugar that have been grown with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. These kinds of chemicals have been known to negatively impact human health, but the majority of farmers don’t have protective gear that would reduce the risk of exposure.

Organic chocolate is healthier for farmers because the cocoa beans and sugar are grown without any harmful chemicals. Instead, farmers use organic and biodynamic fertilizers and pest deterrents, allowing them to work without the risk of dangerous chemical exposure.

Organic Chocolate is Better for Animals and the Environment

The chemicals used to produce cocoa beans and sugar for conventional chocolate disrupt the balance of local ecosystems. The pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers seep into the soil and water, negatively affecting plants and animals. These negative effects can even go beyond the immediate area that has been treated.

By choosing organic chocolate, you’re supporting cocoa beans and sugar that have been grown without any harmful chemicals. Organic growing methods, such as using natural fertilizers and biodynamic tools, are better for animals, ecosystems, and the environment.

Organic Chocolate is Healthier for You

Organic chocolate is better for your health since there aren’t any added chemicals in it. You can simply enjoy organic chocolate knowing that the ingredients were produced naturally. If you want to try organic chocolate for yourself, shop our selection of delicious chocolate bars! We use organic, fair trade ingredients in all of our chocolate bars.