Holiday gift shopping can be a challenge, especially if you are shopping for picky individuals or those with dietary restrictions. However, it is possible to find a wonderful edible gift for those who follow a vegan lifestyle. Many varieties of chocolate are vegan, and with Zotter Chocolate, you can be sure that your chocolate gift will be delicious, ethically sourced, and wrapped in beautiful packaging. Here’s a look at just some of the vegan chocolate choices you might select as holiday gifts this year. 

100% Dark Chocolate

100% dark chocolate bars are just that—pure dark chocolate. Chocolate is a plant-based product made from cocoa solids harvested from the fruit of the cacao tree. Pure dark chocolate does have a mild natural sweetness, but it may be more bitter than casual chocolate eaters are used to. Appreciated by chocolate connoisseurs, 100% dark chocolate allows the fullest expression of distinctive flavor and fragrance notes, which should be enjoyed by letting a small piece of the chocolate melt gently on the tongue. Our 100% dark chocolate bars are single-source bean to bar chocolates that showcase different growing regions from around the world.  

Squaring the Circle 

Our Squaring the Circle chocolates offer something unique with sugar alternatives like maple sugar, fruit, and date sugar. Several Squaring the Circle varieties are vegan, containing ingredients like coconut milk, date sugar, almonds, and vegan praline. 

Vegan Chocolate Subscription 

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider a vegan chocolate subscription, which will include a variety of vegan chocolate bars, including our hand-scooped chocolates, delivered monthly or every other month to your recipient’s door. With our chocolate subscription, vegan chocolate lovers will get to try a variety of unique flavor combinations that you wouldn’t find in the average chocolate bar. 

Zotter Chocolate can help you find gifts for everyone on your list with distinctive, gourmet chocolates that anyone will love. We carefully source our ingredients to deliver only the best with every finished product.