Freshly roasted nuts are a classic holiday treat. For a modern twist on a holiday classic, enjoy some of the nuttiest selections available from Zotter Chocolate. You’ll be immediately immersed in the holiday spirit after just a taste of these nutty treats.

Merry Christmas Hand Scooped Chocolates

Our Merry Christmas Hand Scooped Chocolate bar is carefully crafted to capture the aromas of the holidays. Spiced almond marzipan is layered with homemade hazelnut nougat spiced with cinnamon and surrounded with rich dark chocolate. Milk chocolate lovers will enjoy our Heavenly Delight Hand Scooped Chocolate, which combines hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews mixed into dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. It’s then coated in our 60% cocoa milk chocolate for a smooth and creamy finish. For vegan chocolate and nut lovers, we have crafted our Sweet Christmas Greetings—bourbon vanilla, crunchy hazelnut brittle, cocoa butter kissed with cinnamon, and a layer of 70% dark chocolate create the perfect nutty treat. 

Pistachios in Almond Praline and Milk Chocolate

Our Bolleros are delightfully nutty snacks that simply melt in your mouth. Try one of our favorite varieties: Pistachios in Almond Praline. Deep green pistachios from Iran are enrobed in almond nougat and coated with milk chocolate powder made with milk from the Alps. These aren’t your average chocolate covered nuts! 

Nutcracker Cheery + Nuts 

If you want something a little different than the typical chocolate and nut bar, our Nutcracker Cheery + Nuts bar is the perfect treat. This sweet and salty masterpiece sandwiches peanut praline loaded with fresh peanuts between caramel coverture made with rich cocoa butter for a full and melty mouth feel.

Enjoy nuts and chocolate in their finest form with the exceptional selection available from Zotter Chocolate. Browse our online store for a full selection of nutty, chocolatey treats and order for delivery right to your door with our no-melt guarantee.