Fruit, nuts, and chocolate make a truly delicious combination. Our new product, Cheery & Nuts, brings out the best in each ingredient so the finished product is a perfect harmony of flavors.

Crunchy, Exquisite Pralines

The inside of each Cheery & Nuts bar is a tender praline that we produce completely in house. We add plenty of chopped nuts to give the pralines a satisfying crunch, whether we’re using cashews, hazelnuts, or even roasted hemp seeds.

We make our pralines nut-to-bar, so once we receive the raw nuts, we process them with the finished product in mind. This ensures the pralines are just the right balance of melty and crunchy.

Homemade Fruit Covertures

Colorful and flavorful, our homemade fruit coverture surrounds the praline center of each Cheery & Nuts bar. We produce our fruit covertures fruit-to-bar, enhancing each fruit’s specific flavor profile every step of the way.

Once we pour the fruit coverture over the tender praline center, it gives the chocolate bars a bright and beautiful look. From our charming pink strawberry coverture to our cheerful yellow lemon coverture, each one is unique in both flavor and appearance. 

The Perfect Way to Treat Yourself or a Loved One

When it comes to gift giving, you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Our nut and fruit chocolate bars make fantastic presents, whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one. You can buy Cheery & Nuts by the bar or in a set of three with a gift box. No matter which option you choose, every type of Cheery & Nuts bar features one-of-a-kind artwork on the wrapper.

Are you ready to try our new line of nut and fruit chocolate bars? Head over to our online store to place your order today!