Josef Zotter is one of the only high-class chocolatiers who produces chocolate from bean-to-bar. This process vastly improves the flavor and overall quality of our chocolate. Let’s dive into the details of what bean-to-bar chocolate is and how it sets our chocolate apart! 

We Make Our Chocolate In-House

Once we receive organic, fair trade cocoa beans, we make our chocolate entirely in-house. From cleaning the cocoa beans to refining chocolate in the conche, we handle it all right in our chocolate factory. 

We don’t cut corners while making our chocolate; we take great care with every step to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality. Transforming cocoa beans into chocolate is a complex process, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

High-Quality Ingredients

You can’t make great chocolate if you don’t use great ingredients. That’s why we start with premium raw ingredients, including fine flavor cocoa beans, which have more complex flavor profiles than ordinary bulk cocoa beans. 

Our bean-to-bar process brings out the best in each cocoa bean variety. We roast the cocoa beans in different ways depending on the bean variety to enhance the flavor characteristics. For instance, if the cocoa beans have a nutty flavor, we’ll highlight that instead of processing them in a generic way and losing out on that wonderful flavor.

We also make it a priority to only use organic, fair trade ingredients in our chocolate bars. Not only do ethically-sourced cocoa beans taste incredible, they’re also better for farmers and the environment compared to regular cocoa beans. Supporting fair working conditions for farmers is just as important to us as making delicious chocolate!

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