When you purchase a chocolate bar, there is more to look for on the package than your preferred flavors. For example, selecting fair trade chocolate can have you feel good knowing that the farmers who produced the cocoa in your chocolate bar were paid fairly for their harvest. Looking for organic chocolate is also a smart choice. Opting for organic can help you shop with confidence for any food you enjoy. When it comes to chocolate, organic practices help to ensure a more positive impact on your health, the environment, and the flavors of the products you purchase.

Organic chocolate meets higher standards for production.

To be labeled as organic, any type of chocolate must contain only certified organic ingredients—that applies not only to the cacao, but the sugar as well. Organic ingredients are produced without harmful pesticides or genetic modifications. With these higher standards of production, you can rest assured that you’re getting a better overall product that’s well worth your money.

Organic chocolate boasts richer flavors.

Organic certification doesn’t happen by accidents. Chocolatiers that commit to organic production must carefully source their ingredients and commit to quality production standards within their own facilities. Therefore, organic chocolate also serves as an indicator that you’re consuming a product that has been carefully handled to bring out its best flavors and characteristics. In addition, organic chocolate tends to have a much shorter list of ingredients than conventional counterparts. You won’t find artificial flavors, stabilizers, and low-quality dairy additives on the ingredient label. Most organic dark chocolate bars include just a few ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, and cocoa butter.

Organic chocolate is healthier for consumers, farmers, and the planet.

By avoiding the use of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, organic farming practices reduce stress on the planet and on farmers. Going organic also means exposing yourself to fewer potentially harmful chemicals, so you can know that you’re making a healthy choice with organic chocolate.

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