Every piece of Zotter Chocolate is made with great care and consideration. From start to finish, we make our chocolate in a unique way that’s better for the environment and your taste buds!

Fair Trade

We purchase fair traded cocoa beans directly from small farms. We do this for many reasons: to help preserve local cultures, avoid child labor, treat the environment with respect, and ensure that farmers are paid fairly. Oh, and it also makes our chocolate taste delicious!

Organic Ingredients

We only use organic ingredients in our chocolate, so we have no need for preservatives or artificial flavoring. Not only does this make our chocolate taste better, it also promotes organic cultivation and the preservation of local cultures.

Sustainable Company

Our chocolate factory is ranked as one of the most sustainable businesses in Austria. It all starts with our choice to only use organic and fair traded ingredients, which helps people and the environment. On top of that, our business runs entirely on clean energy thanks to our electric vehicles and photovoltaic generator. We’re so committed to sustainability that we’ve even created a development aid project to plant trees in rainforests in South America.

Bean-to-Bar Production

Once we have the organic and fair traded ingredients, we handle the whole chocolate making process completely in-house! We inspect and clean the cocoa beans, roast them, grind them up, and add various ingredients to the mixture.

This takes a lot of time and effort, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our bean-to-bar production ensures the high-quality chocolate that customers have learned to expect from us. Treat yourself to our hand-scooped chocolate today!