Even as an adult, it may be tricky to pass up on the sweet treats that Halloween has to offer. However, you may want to skip the generic candies and indulge in some Halloween candy alternatives. If you’re looking for something special to put out at your Halloween party this year, explore the selection of uniquely delicious chocolates available from Zotter Chocolate. 


Our Balleros are the perfect small candy to fill up a bowl for sharing at your Halloween party. These scary good confections combine fruits, whole nuts, and chocolate. The result is a treat that’s got an immense depth of flavor without overwhelming sweetness. Stay on theme for fall with our Colorful Pumpkin Seeds or our Cashews enrobed in cashew praline and milk chocolate. 

Hand-Scooped Chocolates

Forget about mass produced chocolate bars and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with our Hand-Scooped Chocolates. Available in a huge variety of flavors, these chocolate bars are among our most unique creations. Built layer by layer and finished with a coating of our famous chocolate, each Hand-Scooped Chocolate is a delicate treat that may even be too good to share. Butter Caramel, Hazelnut Brittle, Caramel Fudge, and Port Wine & Fig each offer sweet, warm fall flavors to keep you feeling festive. 


If you like your chocolate pure and uncomplicated, our In-Fusion bars may be the perfect Halloween candy alternative for your tastes. These bars combine dark and milk chocolates with fruit couvertures, which enhance and embolden the natural aromatic bouquets of each variety of cacao we use in our In-Fusion line. 

No matter how you choose to treat yourself this Halloween or any time, Zotter Chocolate can deliver exceptional chocolates right to your door with our no melt guarantee. Browse our online store for a look at our full selection.