To make delicious chocolate, you need to start with high-quality cocoa beans. Not only has Peru been classified as a producer of fine cocoa by the International Cocoa Organization, it’s also one of the world’s largest exporters of cocoa. In fact, Peru is internationally recognized as producing some of the best chocolate in the world. Keep reading to learn what makes Peruvian chocolate so special.

Peruvian Chocolate Has a Rich History

People in South America have been enjoying chocolate for thousands of years. The exact origin of the cocoa tree is debated, but many agree that it originated in the Amazon rainforest, parts of which extend into Peru. Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans enjoyed beverages made with cocoa beans, and Mayans also used cocoa beans during religious ceremonies.  

High-Quality Cocoa Beans

Considering Peru’s extensive history with chocolate, it only makes sense that it produces premium, world-renowned cocoa beans and chocolate. Peru has received many awards for its delicious chocolate, including Best Chocolate in the World at the Chocolate Show in London in 2017.

Belgium, France, and Switzerland are also well-known for producing rich, decadent chocolate. But did you know that many of their chocolatiers use cocoa beans from Peru? 

Part of what sets Peruvian cocoa beans apart from the rest is that they’re considered fine or flavor. This means they have distinct flavor characteristics, unlike bulk cocoa beans that are produced in many other parts of the world. 

Try Peruvian Chocolate for Yourself

If you’re traveling to Peru, you owe it to yourself to try some mouthwatering Peruvian chocolate. Even if you’re not visiting Peru anytime soon, you can still get a taste of the chocolate by trying the Labooko line from Zotter Chocolate. These chocolate bars are made with premium cocoa from the world’s top cocoa regions, such as Peru and Belize. Place your order to taste the difference for yourself!