Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats on Earth, and many people love to have a square of chocolate after a meal as a delicious treat. A square of dark chocolate each day can actually improve your health as well as your mood! A chocolate subscription is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings, and also makes a unique gift for friends or family.

Sample a Wide Variety of Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate

How can you tell if grocery store chocolate is organic, fair trade, and contains natural, ethically-sourced ingredients? With a chocolate subscription, you can sample a wide variety of chocolate bars each month, without the stress of standing in the chocolate aisle at the grocery store looking at bar after bar. You’ll simply receive a box of 4-12 bars of delicious bean to bar chocolate or vegan chocolate at your door each month. 

Never Run Out of Chocolate

Have you ever had an intense chocolate craving, only to search your house high and low for a bar of chocolate and come up empty handed? Avoid that heartbreak by signing up for a chocolate subscription. Each month, you’ll receive an assortment of 4-12 chocolate bars at your door, ensuring that you’ll always have a square of chocolate nearby for a savory treat.

Makes a Great Gift 

Chocolate is universally beloved, and a chocolate subscription box makes a great gift for a hard to shop for friend or relative. You don’t need to worry about what color or size to get, and a chocolate subscription is more personal than a gift card. Give the gift that keeps giving each month by signing someone up for a delivery of 4-12 bean to bar, organic, and fair trade chocolate bars.

Zotter Chocolate offers more than 170 different chocolate flavors, including hand-scooped chocolate and organic, fair trade chocolate bars. At Zotter Chocolate, you can choose from six different chocolate subscription levels, including vegan chocolate! To purchase a monthly chocolate subscription for you or someone you love, visit our online store.