Chocolate doesn’t need sugar to taste delicious. Although many chocolate bars have sugar added to them, there are various ways to make chocolate by using alternative sweeteners or forgoing sweeteners entirely. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of sugar-free chocolate and the different types that are available!

Benefits of Sugar-Free Chocolate

There are many reasons why someone might want sugar-free chocolate rather than a traditional chocolate bar. Diabetics have to watch their blood sugar levels, so they might prefer sugar-free chocolate for health reasons. Another common reason people opt for sugar-free chocolate is when they’re on a diet and want to lose weight.

Different Types of Sugar-Free Chocolate

You can find many different kinds of sugar-free chocolate bars. Some companies substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners, such as Stevia. Here at Zotter Chocolate, we offer a variety of chocolate bars made with sugar alternatives or no added sugar, including:

  • 50% Milk Chocolate with Date Sugar – Date sugar is made out of dried, ground dates. It’s sweet like brown sugar and has hints of caramel.
  • Dark Chocolate with Coconut & Mango, sweetened only by fruit – This chocolate gets its mildly sweet flavor entirely from mangos.
  • Coconut-Caramel with Coconut Blossom Sugar – Coconut sugar comes from flower buds on coconut trees.
  • 70% Dark Chocolate with Maple Sugar – Maple sugar is actually crystallized maple syrup. It has a delicate and woodsy flavor.
  • Milk chocolate 70%/30% Dark Style, no sugar added – This chocolate bar has no added sugar and tastes deliciously unsweet.
  • 100% Madagascar – This pure chocolate bar doesn’t contain any added sugar; it’s 100% organic dark chocolate.

Are you ready to try some mouthwatering sugar-free chocolate? Browse our store to explore all of the sugar-free chocolate bars we have to offer!