They say variety is the spice of life – and the team here at Zotter Chocolate would have to agree! That’s why we created our Zotter Chocolate Discovery Packs. Let’s go over exactly what our delicious Discovery Packs have to offer.

Why Try Zotter Chocolate Discovery Packs?

Our Discovery Packs allow you to enjoy the finest cocoa beans from all around the world. All of the chocolate is fair traded and hand selected, so you can rest assured knowing it’s of the highest quality.

The chocolate is processed in a family-run creative center in Austria, the heart of Europe. Our team processes the chocolate from bean to bar, which means that once we receive the cocoa beans, we create the chocolate completely in-house.

Our Discovery Packs are the perfect way to treat yourself to new and exciting types of chocolate. They’re also lovely gifts for those who have a sweet tooth.

Different Types of Zotter Chocolate Discovery Packs

We have a Discovery Pack for every chocolate lover out there. Our Small Discovery Pack has 4 chocolate bars, our Medium Discovery Pack has 6 chocolate bars, and our Large Discovery Pack has 10 chocolate bars.

Each size comes with the option of alcohol or no alcohol. The no alcohol option only contains chocolate bars that are made without alcohol, so they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The alcohol option includes some chocolate bars that contain alcohol, such as Amaretto, red wine, and rum. These chocolate bars should only be enjoyed by people who are over the legal drinking age.

If you’re ready to try one of our delicious Zotter Chocolate Discovery Packs, head over to our online store and order your favorite one. Your taste buds will thank you!