When you treat yourself to pure, gourmet chocolate, you’ll want to make the most of your tasting experience. Avoid the temptation to simply take a big bite. Instead, follow our tasting tips below to discover the most subtle, nuanced flavors in every bite of pure chocolate.

Eat With Your Eyes

Before you pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth, enjoy it with your other senses first. Take note of the color, texture, and shine of the chocolate. Pure chocolate will vary in hue depending on whether it is milk, dark, or white chocolate, and among these varieties, colors will vary depending on the region the chocolate was sourced from.

Snap Chocolate Into Bite Sized Pieces

You’ll also want to take a moment to appreciate the aroma of pure chocolate. Snapping a bar into small pieces will release more of the chocolate’s sweet and fruity scent, which will prime your palate for the full tasting experience.

Don’t Chew 

Chocolate contains lots of fats from cocoa butter, which should be allowed to gently melt in the mouth. Avoid chewing a piece of chocolate right away. Instead, move it around the inside of your mouth and allow it to slowly melt away. When you reach for a second piece from the same bar, chewing the chocolate can then reveal even more of the delicate flavors within.

Jot Down Tasting Notes

As you taste chocolate, don’t hesitate to jot down tasting notes so that you can remember what you enjoy about different varieties. Writing tasting notes will also help improve your tasting vocabulary as you refine your palate. Want to improve your chocolate tasting skills? Reach for the best chocolate with Labooko Pure Chocolate Bars from Zotter Chocolate. These single-origin bars are sourced from chocolate farms around the world with fair trade partnerships that ensure exceptional quality. Browse our selection of Labooko bars on our website and have them shipped to your door with our no-melt guarantee.