Summer is nearly here, which means you may be craving the bright, seasonal flavors of fresh fruits picked right off the vine. Here at Zotter Chocolate, we’re feeling the inspiration of summer with a variety of distinctive flavors in our Hand-Scooped Chocolates. These chocolate bars are carefully crafted layer by layer and then encased in our luscious, bean to bar chocolate. Find your favorite summer flavors with the selections below. 

Amarena Cherry 

Nothing says summer like fresh cherries! Our Amarena Cherry Hand-Scooped Chocolate combines delicious Amarena cherries with marzipan and cheery couverture for a bright, fruity flavor that’s perfectly complimented by a wafer thin layer of white chocolate and a final coat of milk chocolate. 

Berries on Lemon Cream 

Blueberry ganache, lemon cream, and white chocolate create a symphony of summer flavors enrobed in dark chocolate in one of our newest Hand-Scooped Chocolates, Berries on Lemon Cream. This bar is made from full, fresh, natural fruit, making it perfectly sweet and tart for a sophisticated take on classic summer flavors. 

Wild Berries with Vanilla

Nothing says summer like an afternoon of berry picking. Our Wild Berries with Vanilla bar brings together everyone’s favorite wild berries—strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries—over a decadent vanilla ganache. Finished with milk chocolate, this bar is sure to be a crowd pleaser this summer. 

Poppy Seeds and Cherry

Poppy Seeds & Cherry is another new addition to our lineup of Hand-Scooped Chocolates. Enjoy a surprising crunch from caramelized blue poppy seeds encased in a layer of almond nougat over a layer of preserved cherries, cherry couverture, marzipan, and a touch of vanilla. These vibrant flavors are encased in milk chocolate with 50% cocoa content for a perfectly sweet finish with a depth of rich chocolate flavor. 

Sunflower and Golden Cherry 

Vegans will delight in our Sunflower & Golden Cherry Hand-Scooped Chocolate bar. It begins with sunflower praline made from fresh roasted sunflower seeds, white rice couverture, and pure cocoa butter. It’s topped with a fruit layer of fair traded golden cherries that were ripened right on the tree for perfect sweetness. The rich aroma of cherries is enhanced with a touch of marzipan, and the entire bar is draped in dark chocolate. 

Summer may be on its way, but you can still have Zotter Chocolate’s Hand-Scooped Chocolates shipped right to your door with our no-melt guarantee. Order your favorites in our online store and keep an eye out for new flavors throughout the summer season.