If you’re hosting a party, you might be looking for ways to impress your guests with different treats and refreshments. A dessert charcuterie featuring gourmet chocolate is a fun, playful dessert spread that is sure to make a positive impression. To create your chocolate charcuterie board, follow these tips.

Choose High-Quality, Pure Chocolate 

As the star of the show on your dessert charcuterie, your chocolate should be carefully selected. Choose pure chocolate bars like Zotter Chocolate’s Labooko selections. These single-origin chocolates will offer a depth of flavor. To please everyone on your guest list, add some dark, milk, and white chocolate to the board. Break each bar into rough, bite-sized pieces for easy consumption and a delightfully rustic aesthetic.

Add a Variety of Accompaniments 

One reason to opt for pure chocolate on your dessert charcuterie board is so you can get more creative with your accompaniments. Add some salt and crunch with nuts or pretzels. Feature fresh, seasonal fruits for some color and complementary flavors for your chocolate. You might even add cheeses to bring a more traditional feel to your board. Cheeses like creamy brie, nutty farmhouse cheddar, robust stilton, and fresh chevre are all great choices to pair with chocolate and round out your dessert tray.

Serve at the Right Temperature 

Chocolate should be served at the right temperatures to bring out its complex flavor notes without compromising its texture. Dark chocolate is best enjoyed at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, while milk chocolate is best at around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its higher concentration of cocoa fat, white chocolate should be served at about 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

At cooler temperatures, chocolate can become brittle. Of course, when it’s too hot, chocolate can easily melt. Therefore, you should not serve a chocolate charcuterie board straight from the fridge, but you should also be mindful of whether it gets too warm when served. Choosing a slate or marble serving platter instead of a traditional wooden board can help you ensure that everything is at an appropriate serving temperature throughout your special event. Prepare for your next gathering with Zotter Chocolate. Shop online for an incredible selection of gourmet chocolates crafted from bean to bar. With our no-melt guarantee, you can rest assured that every bar will get to your door ready to serve.