They say it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, but when it comes to chocolate, we don’t think that’s true! If you’re a chocolate lover, you might consider further enhancing the nuanced flavor notes of chocolate by pairing your favorite bars with a glass of wine. Wine and chocolate can bring out the best in one another, but it’s important to strike a balance with your pairings. Below we’ll look at the basics of wine and chocolate pairings. 

White Chocolate

With a delicate, subtle flavor and rich, creamy body, white chocolate lends itself well to pairing with sweeter wines for an unforgettable dessert experience. Sweet Sherry or a bubbly Moscato will perfectly complement the underlying fruit and floral tones of white chocolate while cutting through its richness. 

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate represents a great balance in chocolate. It has just enough cocoa content to bring in unique flavor characteristics, but it’s sweet and creamy as well. Therefore, it pairs beautifully with medium bodied wines like Pinot Noir or Merlot. If you’re enjoying milk chocolate alongside fruit, such as chocolate covered strawberries or one of Zotter’s fruity Hand-Scooped chocolate varieties, you can’t go wrong with a flute of champagne. 

Dark Chocolate 

With a high cocoa content and less sweetness, dark chocolate is as full-bodied as it gets. Consider pairing the big, bold flavors of dark chocolate with the full body of a Cabernet Sauvignon, peppery Zinfandel, or a vintage Port. With Zotter Chocolate, you can find the highest quality chocolates crafted from fair traded cocoa and 100% organic ingredients to feature at your next wine tasting. You can even find the best flavors of wine and chocolate merged together in some boozy varieties of our Hand-Scooped chocolates, like Port Wine & Fig or Marc de Champagne. Browse our online store to find the right chocolates to expand your palate.