There’s nothing quite like enjoying a bar of gourmet chocolate, but sometimes you may want to explore your culinary creativity with a decorative chocolate drizzle over your favorite dessert or a selection of fresh fruits dipped in melted chocolate. While melting chocolate seems like a simple task, there are some key steps to take to prevent scorching or burning the chocolate. When melted correctly, chocolate will retain a glossy sheen once it’s cooled back down. Here are our best tips for melting chocolate perfectly every time. 

Apply Gentle Heat

Chocolate can easily burn, so you won’t want to melt it over high heat. Instead, melt chocolate gently over a double boiler. Boil water over low heat and melt chocolate in the upper chamber of a double boiler pot—you can also use a heat-safe bowl over any small saucepan. This method is ideal for melting chocolate to add to recipes like brownies or cakes. 

If you want to temper chocolate to decorate desserts or coat fresh fruit, you will want to melt the chocolate even more slowly. Place chocolate in a glass bowl and then place that bowl in a larger bowl filled about halfway with water heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit—about the temperature of very warm tap water. Slowly stir the chocolate for 20-25 minutes until it is fully melted. You may need to change the water a few times to completely melt all the chocolate. 

Use an Instant Read Thermometer

Chocolate burns at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll want to use an instant read thermometer to ensure that your chocolate is kept below this temperature. 

Keep the Chocolate Dry

Because gently heating chocolate involves using water for a double boiler or tempering setup, there is a risk of splashing. When water meets melted chocolate, the mixture could seize up and become grainy. Therefore, you’ll want to keep everything dry and stir gently throughout the melting process. 

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