While many fans of Zotter Chocolate enjoy our unique, innovative chocolate creations, such as our hand-scooped chocolates and single source Labooko bars, there is also something to be said for the understated simplicity of our Classic bars. Our Classic lineup goes back to the basics, so you can enjoy the purest expressions of milk, white, and dark chocolates, along with a few beloved classic flavors as well. Every bar in our Classic collection features organic, fair traded cocoa and other ingredients to ensure all the best flavors from these simple blends with no fillers, artificial flavors, or low-quality ingredients. 

White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate Bars

Treat yourself to chocolate the way it’s meant to be. Our Dark Chocolate Classic Bar features 70% organic cocoa, raw cane sugar, and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Our Milk Chocolate Classic Bar is made from 40% organic cocoa, Bourbon vanilla, raw cane sugar, and milk from the Alps. It also features a touch of salt and a kiss of cinnamon for a well-rounded, warm flavor that any chocolate lover will enjoy. Finally, our White Chocolate Classic Bar is unlike any other white chocolate bar you’ve tried. You won’t find any palm oil or artificial flavors here, just pure cocoa butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, real milk from the Alps, and dark brown raw cane sugar. Although sweeter than our dark and milk varieties, our Classic White chocolate does not have the overwhelming sweetness most people associate with white chocolate. 

Caramel and Nutty Flavors 

If you prefer your chocolate with a little something extra, our Hazelnut Kiss, Crunchy Caramel, and Crunchy Almond varieties are all worth a try. Hazelnut Kiss blends milk chocolate, nougat, and roasted hazelnuts for delectably smooth chocolate flavor with a little added crunch. Our Crunchy Caramel bar brings together milk chocolate and caramel crunchies for a sweet, salty, crispy sensation. Finally, our Crunchy Almond bar pairs white chocolate and almond nougat for a sweet treat anyone will love. 

No matter which of our Classic Bars you choose, you are sure to enjoy the delectable flavors that come from organic, fair traded cocoa processed from bean to bar in our European production facility. Browse our online store to find your new favorite chocolates, which can be shipped directly to your door with our no-melt guarantee.