With so many different brands and varieties of chocolate out there, how can you determine which bars are made from high-quality chocolate and which ones are better left on the shelf? Good chocolate isn’t always identifiable by its price tag—some brands will use luxe packaging and marketing to make subpar chocolate look like a high-end product. Therefore, you need to know how to look beyond the package to find high-quality chocolate that will truly treat your taste buds. 

Fair Traded Cocoa

Good chocolate begins with quality sourcing for the main ingredient. By choosing a brand that uses fair traded cocoa beans, you can rest assured that the finished bar has been crafted with masterfully grown cocoa beans in partnership with sustainable farms. Fair traded chocolate encourages more sustainable growing practices, which yield higher quality beans and reduce the environmental footprint of the finished product. 

Organic Ingredients

As any chocolate lover knows, chocolate bars contain more than just cocoa. Sugar, milk, and flavoring ingredients are also integral to the quality of each chocolate bar. Look for organic sourcing for these ingredients along with fair traded cocoa. 

Bean to Bar Production 

Bean to bar production means that cocoa is roasted, conched, and mixed all in one facility. This type of production ensures that every step in the process meets the high standards of fine chocolate producers. It also allows every variety of cocoa to be individually processed to the unique specifications that bring out their subtle, distinct flavor notes. Different types of cocoa from around the world offer unique aromas and flavors, and only the finest chocolatiers have refined their processes to bring out those qualities. 

Zotter Chocolate is proud to have a 5,200 square metre creative center for chocolate where our fair traded cocoa beans are carefully processed and transformed into our variety of exceptionally good chocolate bars, drinking chocolates, and balleros. Learn more about our bean to bar process and shop for high-quality chocolate on our website.