Hand Scooped Chocolates by Zotter Chocolate are truly unique creations carefully crafted layer by layer from a wide variety of flavorful organic ingredients and our renowned bean-to-bar chocolate. Whether you enjoy fruit, alcohol, nuts, or praline in your chocolate, our Hand Scooped Chocolate Bars are sure to satisfy. Not sure which one to try first? Explore some of the most popular varieties below to taste the unique craftsmanship that goes into every bar. 


Our best-selling Hand Scooped Whisky Chocolate Bar highlights David Gölles‘ Styrian whisky, offering notes of spice and grain in a rich whisky cream draped in dark chocolate. For a chocolate buzz with a milder flavor, our Cognac + Coffee and Boozy Chocolate Mousse bars are other top sellers to consider. 

Butter Caramel

One bite of our delicately melting caramel cream layered with caramel crisps and almond praline will have you sold on our luscious Butter Caramel bar. Creamy milk chocolate offers a perfect coating for this rich and creamy filling that has just the right crunch to amp up the caramel flavor. More of a dark chocolate lover? Our Salted Caramel bar has got your fix! 


All the flavors of the delectable, layered dessert are packed into our Tiramisu Hand Scooped Chocolate with mascarpone and coffee ganaches, dark and milk chocolates, and a splash of rum. We use coffee from our in-house roastery, freshly ground for every bar. 

Amarena Cherry

Love chocolate covered cherries? Take your love to new heights with milk chocolate filled with Amarena cherry mousse, marzipan, a wafer-thin layer of white chocolate, and a final coating of creamy milk chocolate to tie it all together. 

Yuzu Citrus 

Yuzu citrus from Japan is a trending ingredient for chefs, and it’s inspired our chocolatiers to whip up a light and tart Yuzu ganache enrobed in sweet milk chocolate. 

Ready to treat your taste buds to our handcrafted chocolates? Shop our top sellers in the Zotter Chocolate online shop. Our no-melt guarantee will ensure that your selections are kept in ideal conditions throughout their journey, so you can enjoy our chocolate the way it’s meant to be savored.