Our Hand-Scooped Chocolate bars are unlike any other chocolate bar you’ve tried. These bars are crafted layer by layer, and they are always made by hand with an exceptional level of care and attention to detail. The result is a beautifully layered bar packed with unique flavors to truly elevate your eating experience. Continue reading for a closer look at these original chocolate bars that you won’t find from any other producer. 

Distinctive Flavors

Along with our delicious varieties of chocolate, Hand-Scooped Chocolate bars contain a variety of different flavors, including nuts, nougat, toffee, fruits, liqueurs, and caramel. Each flavor combo is created by Julia and Josef Zotter, and some unexpected flavor combinations like saffron and pistachio and yuzu citrus and milk chocolate will surprise your palate and delight your senses. 

Exceptional Ingredients

To create the purest expression of each of our distinctive flavors, we use the highest quality ingredients available, including organic, fair traded chocolate processed from bean to bar in our facilities. We also emphasize other organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced from reputable providers, including pure cane sugar, organic genuine vanilla from Madagascar, and fresh milk from the Alps.

Hand-Crafted Construction 

To bring together each high-quality ingredient in our Hand-Scooped Chocolate bars, we take the time to hand craft every bar. We begin by rolling out an ultra-thin layer of chocolate and topping with each filling layer by layer. Some flavors get up to six different layers, and up to 30 flavors may be made in one day. Another thin layer of chocolate tops off all the layers, then the bars are cut and smothered in a final chocolate coating. 

To truly appreciate the craftsmanship of our Hand-Scooped Chocolates, you’ll want to taste one (or a few) for yourself! Explore our wide range of flavors in our online store and have them delivered to your door with our no-melt guarantee.