Organic foods are generally associated with a higher degree of quality than foods that don’t carry an organic seal. But what exactly does organic mean, and why should you seek out organic chocolate? Below you’ll get a closer look at how organic foods gain their seal so that you have a better understanding of what you’re consuming when you purchase organic chocolate. 

A Look at Organic Production

Organic foods are grown in conditions that minimize exposure to pesticides and other prohibited substances. In general, organic growers rely on natural substances and mechanical farming methods to reduce the amount of foreign substances needed to grow foods. Different governing bodies do have slightly different definitions and requirements for organic food production, but in general, consuming organic foods means getting less exposure to pesticides and enjoying a higher quality of foods. 

Chocolate Bars From Organic Ingredients

For chocolate bars to be labeled as organic, they must include organic cocoa. However, there are other ingredients involved in chocolate production as well, so those must also be organically produced. That means that organic chocolate bars will contain organic sugar, fruits, and other ingredients. 

Zotter’s Commitment to Organic Products 

Here at Zotter Chocolate, we are committed to using organic ingredients that are certified by the independent institute Lacon, which bases their certifications on EU Organic regulations. However, not all of our products contain the USDA Organic Seal because there is a distinction between organic regulations for dairy producers in the EU versus the US. In the US, animals treated with antibiotics cannot be used in organic production again, while the EU allows those animals to go back to production after a certain number of years. 

Along with a commitment to organic ingredients, we ensure the exceptional quality of our products by building fair trade partnerships with our cocoa farmers and utilizing bean to bar production in our facilities in Austria. We also ensure that the quality of our chocolate is not compromised during shipping through our no-melt guarantee. Taste the difference with our chocolate by placing an order in our online store today.