When you are attending Thanksgiving dinners, holiday parties, and other festivities this fall and winter, you may be on the lookout for the perfect host or hostess gift to show your gratitude for receiving an invitation to the event. Zotter Chocolate has you covered with an assortment of gourmet chocolates beautifully presented in artistically designed packaging that is sure to make an impression. 

A Unique Gift Anyone Will Love

A bottle of wine is a time-tested hostess gift, but why not give the party host something they can enjoy after the guests are gone? After all, they’ve been hard at work putting the party together, so they deserve a little treat. Instead of a bottle of wine that will be consumed by party guests or a bouquet of flowers that will be wilted by the end of the night, select a tasty and memorable gift of chocolate! 

Perfect Chocolate Gift Ideas for Holiday Hosts

Zotter Chocolate has no shortage of delicious chocolate confections that any party host would be glad to receive. Show up with any of the following in hand, and you’re sure to be on the invite list for many years to come. 

  • Hand Scooped Chocolate – Our Hand Scooped Chocolates are carefully crafted layer by layer with a stunning assortment of ingredients like nuts, fruits, liqueurs, and ganache. Cater to the party host’s favorite flavors or even find a Hand Scooped bar that fits the party theme. For example, our Apple Pie Hand Scooped Chocolate is the perfect accompaniment for a classic Thanksgiving dinner—nothing says Thanksgiving like apple pieces embedded in honey caramel with a kiss of cinnamon, a layer of white chocolate, and a luscious milk chocolate coating. 
  • Drinking Chocolate – After a long night of entertaining, there’s no better way to unwind than with a rich cup of drinking chocolate. Treat your host to one of our delectable flavors of drinking chocolate alongside a special glass, whisk, and tray for a perfect gift set. 
  • Balleros – Exceptional combinations of nuts, fruit, and chocolate make the perfect sweet and slightly savory snack for your favorite party host. Our Colorful Pumpkin Seeds offer just the right festive touch for any holiday party. 

Shop hostess gifts and other indulgences with Zotter Chocolate. Browse our online store for a selection of tasty gift ideas that are delivered to your door with our no-melt guarantee.