If you own or manage a grocery store, gift shop, coffee shop, hotel, or any other business with a retail component, you may always be on the lookout for intriguing, high-quality products to catch customers’ eyes. Chocolate is often a fast seller when strategically placed for those last-minute impulse purchases or among other gourmet foods and beverages. With Zotter Chocolate, you can elevate your selection thanks to our exceptional quality of bean to bar chocolate wrapped in stunning packaging designed by our very own artist, Andreas H. Gratze. If you are interested in stocking Zotter Chocolates as a retail partner in the US, read through the following FAQs about our chocolate wholesaling program. 

Which Zotter Chocolates are available for wholesale? 

Zotter Chocolate wholesaling includes a huge variety of products. You can browse our downloadable catalog to see them all, but we carry 170+ chocolate varieties in our US factory ready to ship in any season. Our selection includes our unique Hand-Scooped Chocolate bars, Labooko single-origin chocolates, our Classic bars, drinking chocolates, and In-Fusion fruit and chocolate bars. We also offer a variety of retail displays for sale, including freestanding and countertop displays that are easy to assemble and made from eco-friendly materials. 

How do I place a wholesale chocolate order?

Placing an order with Zotter Chocolate is simple. You can call us directly, or email us to order online. Once your order is confirmed and your payment received, we’ll ship your order with our no-melt guarantee to ensure superior quality with every chocolate bar you order. After three prepaid orders, you’ll qualify for Net 30 invoicing. 

What are the benefits of carrying Zotter Chocolate? 

By adding Zotter Chocolate to your product lineup, you can distinguish your shop as a purveyor of exceptional products. Zotter Chocolate is ranked among the top 25 chocolate producers in the world, and our products are recognized internationally. Plus, we have more than 30 years of experience as a chocolate wholesaler, so you can expect a quick and easy ordering process with hassle-free customer service. 

If you’re ready to place a wholesale order, call or email us today at 239-214-7883 or [email protected].