Madagascar chocolate is considered the best chocolate in the world, and for good reason. Madagascar cocoa is the most flavorful variety of cocoa, and is only used in less than 1% of the world’s chocolate production. Finding a chocolatier that offers pure Madagascar chocolate is rare, and it’s even more rare to find one that is organic and fair traded.

History of Madagascar Cocoa

Cocoa was introduced to the island of Madagascar by the French in the 19th century. The majority of the cacao plantations in existence today are run by descendants of the same families who have been growing and harvesting the beans for generations.

Flavor Profile of Madagascar Chocolate

Madagascar chocolate is so unique because its flavor profile is unlike that of any other chocolate. Due to where the cocoa beans are grown and how they are harvested, Madagascar chocolate has aromatic fruit, citrus, and forest flavors that aren’t found in any other type of chocolate. You’ll taste notes of citrus, including pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry. You may also notice hints of gin, as well as the forest aromas of cedar, juniper, and fir.

Cocoa Beans Grown in Madagascar

You can find three types of cocoa beans on the island of Madagascar: Trinitario, Criollo, and Forastero. The cocoa grown in Madagascar is considered 100% fine cocoa, and of all the countries where cocoa is grown, Madagascar is the only one to obtain that distinction. In fact, it is believed that each cocoa tree in Madagascar has its own unique properties that produce a different flavor and aroma of chocolate each time!

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