Our Hand-Scooped Chocolate bars are a treat to enjoy all year long. However, during the holiday season, they’re made even more special with our limited run of seasonal varieties that offer all the best flavors of the winter holidays. This year, we’ve brought back some old favorites like Mulled Wine and Gingerbread & Fruit, along with the following unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Heavenly Delight

All the warmth and goodness of freshly roasted nuts is wrapped into this delectable bar that includes finely ground hazelnuts mixed with dark chocolate, roughly chopped almonds and cashews, and a kiss of cinnamon. The bar is then coated in a dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa content for just the right touch of sweetness and a melt-in-your-mouth feeling. 

For Angels

This is our own take on praline with alternating layers of light almond praline and dark hazelnut praline, along with crunchy hazelnut brittle. It’s all finished with milk chocolate to create a sweet, crunchy, nutty delight. 

Sweet Christmas Greetings

This bar offers sweet Christmas greetings anyone can enjoy! It’s a vegan bar layered with hazelnut praline that’s enhanced with crunchy hazelnut brittle, bourbon vanilla, and cinnamon. Then, it’s completed with a coating of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content. 

Holy Night Burning Bright 

Take a trip to the Christmas market in this delectable bar that starts with almond praline using roasted and caramelized chopped almonds and is finished with our dark milk chocolate. 

Elf’s Delight 

Our busy elves have whipped up this enticing Hand-Scooped Chocolate bar with a distinctive brown butter ganache that offers notes of toffee, honey, and milk. It’s all wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate for a tender melting bar that you won’t want to share! 

Browse our full selection of holiday themed Hand-Scooped Chocolates in our online store and get your orders in now for holiday treats and gifts! Orders over $69.99 qualify for free shipping with our no-melt guarantee.