As a leading chocolate producer, Zotter Chocolate has outfitted our Austrian chocolate factory with the most modern innovations for bean to bar chocolate production. In our facilities, we process about 250 tons of cocoa beans annually, creating more than 500 different types of chocolate. Our factory is also a vibrant tourist destination where visitors can get a peek at our chocolate production process and experience a variety of tastes, sights, and adventures! Continue reading for a closer look at what you’ll find within our chocolate factory.

Expansive Production Facilities

The creative centre for chocolate—where our carefully sourced cocoa beans are transformed into delightfully unique chocolate confections—spans 5,200 square metres. Unlike other chocolate producers, we control every aspect of our chocolate production, from roasting to grinding to conching. The bean to bar production process ensures that the unique aroma of each variety of cocoa bean we utilize is fully expressed within the finished product.

While touring our chocolate factory, visitors will have a chance to witness every step in the process, tasting different forms of chocolate along the way. There are also plenty of other treats to enjoy throughout the self-guided tour, including bubbling chocolate fountains and other interactive tasting stations.

Natural Wonders in the Edible Zoo 

The Edible Zoo is a beautiful outdoor space packed with sculptures and other art installations, gardens, playgrounds, and interactive features for visitors of all ages to enjoy. There’s a petting zoo, farmer’s golf course, and even a cemetery of retired chocolate varieties. We also have onsite restaurants showcasing a street food concept. These outposts source ingredients from the Edible Zoo to satisfy your appetite for much more than chocolate.

Here at Zotter Chocolate, we put exceptional care into chocolate production to yield only the finest chocolate confections. See why we are among the most reputable chocolate producers in the world by exploring our selection of chocolate in our online store. You don’t have to travel to Austria to taste our delectable chocolates—order your favorites to ship to your door with our no-melt guarantee!