When you think of Thanksgiving desserts, the first thing that comes to mind is probably pumpkin pie. However, there are so many other sweet treats that can fit perfectly into your holiday spread to offer something surprising but still delicious to your guests. Adding chocolate to your dessert selection is bound to be a hit! Whether you’re hosting the big dinner at home or attending a Friendsgiving potluck, these chocolate dessert ideas are sure to please. 

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is an old classic, but it tends to be overwhelmingly sweet. Adding a little dark chocolate to the original recipe makes for a fudgy texture and complex flavor that cuts down the sweetness and offers much more depth than a standard pecan pie. Try out this recipe and swap the dark chocolate chips for chopped, high quality dark chocolate from Zotter Chocolate to truly elevate this dessert. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

After a huge Thanksgiving feast, your guests may not want a big dessert. When that’s the case, these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are the perfect small treat that still offer that classic taste of pumpkin pie. To make this recipe shine, choose a jammy and fruit-forward dark chocolate like Zotter Chocolate’s Uganda 70% Labooko chocolate bar and chop it into large chunks for a burst of rich chocolate flavor in every bite. 

Chocolate Cheesecake 

Cheesecake is another traditional Thanksgiving dessert that can benefit from the addition of chocolate, which perfectly complements the rich sweetness and slight savory notes of the star ingredient: cream cheese. For your chocolate cheesecake, choose the balanced flavor of Zotter Classic Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa complemented by bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. 

Chocolate Tasting Board 

If you’re not much of a baker or you want a more elevated dessert option that won’t weigh your guests down, consider making a chocolate tasting board. Choose at least one variety each of white, milk, and dark chocolates and surround them with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and shortbread cookies for a simple yet satisfying dessert experience. Whether you need to stock up on high-quality bean to bar chocolate to whip up these tasty desserts or you’re looking for a great hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, Zotter Chocolate has you covered with a huge selection of chocolates in our online store.