If you’re gluten-free, you know how difficult it is to avoid eating food that contains gluten. It can be confusing knowing whether or not you can eat certain foods, such as chocolate. In this blog post, we’ll go over the types of chocolate that you can and cannot eat when following a gluten-free diet!

Pure Chocolate Doesn’t Contain Gluten

Pure chocolate is gluten-free, as well as premium chocolate that’s only made with a few ingredients, such as cocoa beans, sugar, and cocoa butter. The problem is that many chocolate bars aren’t high quality, so they’re often made of 10 or more ingredients, some of which may contain gluten. Let’s go into detail about common add-ins that contain gluten.

Some Add-Ins Contain Gluten

Cookies and pretzels contain gluten, so if they’re added to a chocolate bar, it’s no longer gluten-free. Keep in mind that crispy chocolates may contain gluten as well, since they’re often made with barley malt or wheat. Flavoring agents and emulsifiers, which affect the texture and flavor of chocolate, might also contain gluten. When in doubt, check the label of the specific chocolate bar to be sure it’s gluten-free.

At Zotter Chocolate, we don’t use any wheat-based fillers, so our chocolate is gluten-free. However, there’s one exception: the Gingerbread chocolate we offer during the holiday season does contain gluten.

There May Be Traces of Gluten in Chocolate

Even if a chocolate bar isn’t made with any ingredients that contain gluten, it may still contain traces of gluten. This happens when chocolate is made in a factory that also makes products containing gluten, which is called cross-contamination. If you want to make sure a chocolate bar doesn’t contain traces of gluten, we’d recommend calling the food manufacturer to ask for more information.

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