If a cup of coffee has become an essential part of your morning routine, you might consider mixing things up with a different hot beverage: drinking chocolate. The same old cup of coffee might not be as satisfying as it used to be. Drinking chocolate can offer something new for your tastebuds with a rich, creamy beverage that still offers a caffeine kick to wake you up. 

Enjoy a Milder Caffeine Rush

Drinking chocolate naturally contains caffeine, but cocoa does not have the same amount of caffeine as coffee. Therefore, you won’t have quite the same buzz from your morning cup of drinking chocolate as your coffee, but you’ll still have a boost to start your morning. 

Mix Up Your Morning Routine

Having the same cup of coffee and the same breakfast every morning can get boring quickly. Drinking chocolate offers lots of variety, so you can enjoy something a little different each morning. Xocitto 100% Chocolate-Espresso is most similar to a standard cup of black coffee. It’s made from 100% Ecuadorian cocoa, and once brewed, can be used in any application where you would use espresso. If you like things sweeter, Cinnamon-Banana, Cashew, and Caramel Drinking Chocolate can all satisfy your cravings. Vegan varieties are also available and can be blended with plant-based oat, almond, or coconut milks for a rich morning treat. 

Boost Your Antioxidant Intake 

Chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids along with minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc. So, a morning cup of drinking chocolate can provide a great nutrient boost along with a crave-able taste and distinctive richness. Zotter Chocolate offers several varieties of drinking chocolate to cater to many different tastes and preferences. Mix up your mornings by exploring our selection in our online store. Our Variety Classic Bars offer a great introduction to drinking chocolate with five delicious flavors to enjoy.