Not all chocolate is alike. Even among gourmet European chocolate producers, few can meet the high standards of Zotter Chocolate. We set ourselves apart as a family business that’s embraced long-standing traditions while innovating new flavors and sustainability practices to usher our products into the modern era. Read on for a closer look at what makes Zotter Chocolate special.

Bean to Bar Production

Beans are roasted, milled, and conched in our Austrian factory, providing us with complete control over every step of the process. We carefully refine the process for every variety of cocoa we use, each of which comes from fair trade co-ops from around the world. As a bean to bar chocolatier, we cherish our partnerships with organic farmers, so we can guarantee the highest quality of raw materials in every bar. You’ll taste the difference and enjoy a unique experience with every single-origin bar we produce.

Incredible Variety

Did you know that Zotter Chocolate offers more than 500 chocolate flavors, many of which you won’t see produced by any other chocolate maker in the world? Our iconic Hand-Scooped Chocolates are our most unique creations, each crafted layer by layer with a variety of fruits, nougat, nuts, praline, and other flavors.


In addition to fostering relationships with fair trade co-ops, we also emphasize sustainability within our factory, running on 100% clean, renewable energy. We maintain our own organic farm on 80 hectares, plant trees in rainforests around the world, and head development projects like Cocoa Not Cocaine in South America. These efforts have gained us an EMAS certificate and set us apart as one of the most sustainable businesses in Austria.

Discover the difference with Zotter Chocolate yourself by browsing our online store. As the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor we have offers rotating a selection of our finest chocolate varieties with nearly 200 available for direct shipping throughout the U.S.