Dark chocolate is a delicious treat on its own, but many varieties of gourmet dark chocolate have complex tasting notes that are enhanced or complemented by different food and beverage pairings. If you’re a dark chocolate lover, try these pairings next time you break into your favorite dark chocolate bars. 


Many types of dark chocolates have notes of coffee flavors in them, so pairing dark chocolate with dark roasted coffee can enhance the flavors in both. If possible, try pairing chocolate and coffee from the same region, such as Brazilian coffee with Brazilian dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate is not as sweet as other varieties of chocolate, especially if you’re enjoying a bar with 80-90% cocoa content. Therefore, the sweetness of banana may be a perfect pairing for a delicious snack or dessert. 

Salted Caramel

Any baker will tell you that a pinch of salt can enhance sweet flavors and bring out deeper flavor notes within complex ingredients like cocoa. If you want to explore the depth of your dark chocolate, enjoy it alongside some salted caramel. Alternatively, enjoy chocolate and salted caramel in perfect harmony in our Salted Caramel Hand-Scooped Chocolate bar.

Earl Grey Tea

If you’re not a coffee lover but still want a beverage to pair with dark chocolate, consider brewing up a cup of Earl Grey tea to sip with your chocolate. The bitter citrus flavor of bergamot oil will enhance the fruity notes of cocoa and bring out its natural sweetness. 

Belgian Quad Beer 

Belgian style quadrupels, or quads, are malty, sweet, and full-bodied, often with notes of fruit and caramel. These flavor notes work well in tandem with the flavors of dark chocolate. 

Zinfandel Wine 

Many chocolate lovers enjoy their chocolate alongside a glass of wine. For a great pairing with dark chocolate, pour a glass of jammy, fruit-forward Zinfandel. Along with strong fruit flavors, many Zinfandels also have notes of exotic spices, which echo the regions where many varieties of cocoa are sourced. Find the perfect dark chocolate to pair with your favorite beverages, fruits, and snacks in the Zotter Chocolate online store. All our chocolate is ethically sourced and crafted from bean to bar in our Austrian production facility.