Our cocoa from Belize travels emission-free by sailboat.

Our cocoa from Belize travels emissions-free by sailboat. On board the Avontuur, a 100-year-old two-masted sailship that has been restored and rebuilt over 17 months with the help of 100 volunteers, and now crosses the Atlantic to show that goods can also be transported ecologically.

Belize 72% "Special", Dark Chocolate
Belize Sail Shipped Cacao 82%, Dark Chocolate

The captain of the Avontuur has invested his entire personal fortune in the restoration of the ship to discover new ecological sea routes.

He relies on pure wind power to avoid releasing any harmful substances into the environment. As 90 percent of all goods are transported by sea, mostly on large container ships that run on diesel or heavy oil, new alternatives are urgently needed.

The 15-person crew consists of seven professional sailors and volunteers from all over the world. The cargo sailboat is on the road for five months from Elsfleth near Hamburg via France, Portugal, Tenerife to the Caribbean, where coffee, rum and cocoa are loaded. Hand-picked goods, because the ship only holds 114 tons of cargo, making it the largest sailing cargo ship in the world, but very small compared to container ships.

This is already the fifth time our cocoa has been on board, first from Nicaragua and now for the second time from Belize “Sail Shipped Cacao”. In the home port near Hamburg, the cargo was even unloaded by hand and pulley hoist last year. To be able to finance ecological sea transport and the “Mission Zero”, the Avontuur crew is now selling their own Avontuur Sail Rum in a pirate-like manner. The idea is making waves and now the Austrian Brigantes, with whom we also cooperate, is seaworthy and ready to set sail. On to ecological sea transport!